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Belajar Catur dari Grandmaster

Posted by pupuyaya on August 3, 2009

Anatoly Karpov By Smartchess (download pdf)
Anatoly Karpov His road to the World Championship – by Mikhail Botvinnik (download djvu)
Garry Kasparov – by M Yudovich (download djvu)
Judgment and Planning in Chess – by Max Euwe (download djvu)
Kasparov Teaches Chess – by Garry Kasparov (download pdf)
Kings of Chess [Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe & Botvinnik] – by William Winter (download djvu)
Petrosian, T & Matanovic, A – Soviet Union vs World (download djvu)
Secret Matches, The Unknown Training Games of Mikhail Botvinnik – Jan Timman (download pdf)
Tigran Petrosian – Master of Defence – by P.H. Clark (download djvu)

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