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Posted by pupuyaya on September 9, 2009

Alekhine Defense – Starting Out Alekhine’s Defence – by John Cox [download]
Budapest Gambit – The Fabulous Budapest Gambit – Victor Moskalenko [download]
Italian Game and Evans Gambit (2005) – by Jan Pinski [download]
King’s gambit – by Neil McDonald [download]
King’s Gambit – by Viktor Korchnoi & Vladimir Zak [download]
King’s Gambit – Winning with the King’s Gambit – by Joe Gallagher [download]
King’s Indian – Beating the Anti-King’s Indians – by Joe Gallagher [download]
King’s Indian – Starting Out The King’s Indian – by Joe Gallagher [download]
King’s Indian – The Complete King’s Indian – by Raymond Keene & Byron Jacobs [download]
Nimzo Indian Defense – The Nimzo Indian Rubinstaein – by Angus Dunnington [download]
Sicilian Defence – Najdorf Variation [download]
Sicilian Defence – Tactics in the chess opening 1 – by van der Tak & Nijboer [download]
Sicilian Defence – Winning With The Sicilian – Mark Taimanov [download]
Sicilian Defence – Winning with the Sicilian Dragon 2 – by Chris Ward [download]
Ruy Lopez – The Works of Damiano, Ruy Lopez and Salvio – by J. H. Sarratt [download]
Ruy Lopez Articles – By Ehab Hamada [download]
The Scotch Game – Starting Out – The Scotch Game – by John Emms [download]
The Two Knights Defense (2004) – by Jan Pinski [download]


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