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Posted by pupuyaya on September 11, 2009

Attacking with 1 e4 – by J. Emms [download]
101 Chess Openings Surprises – by Graham Burgess [download]
Modern Chess Openings – by De Firmian Nick [download]
The Soviet Chess Conveyor – by Shereshevsky [download]
Survive & Beat Annoying Chess Openings – by Eric Schiller & John Watson [download]
The Ideas Behind Chess Openings – by Reuben Fine [download]
Theory of the Chess Openings – by G. H. D. Gossip [download]
Chess Openings – by Frank J Marshall [download]
Chess Openings – by Robert B Wormald [download]
How to Open a Chess Game – by Evans, Gligoric, Hort, Petrosian, Portisch, Keres & Larsen [download]
Kasparov’s Chess Openings – by Borik Otto [download]
Mastering the Chess Openings [volume 1] – by John Watson [download]
Mastering the Chess Openings [volume 2] – by John Watson [download]


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  1. VladimirOo said

    Hi, do you have news of Watson’s Mastering Chess Openings 3 and 4?


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